Important News and Dates

IOSTIA Welcomes Glenair
Glenair, a manufacturer of mission-critical underwater connectors is the latest company to join IOSTIA.  Glenair will be participating in the IOSTIA showcase for the U.S. Coast Guard on November 28th.

President Trump Signs S.3508
President Trump signed Save Our Seas Act (Senate Bill 3508) which contains several important pieces of legislation for our blue-tech industry.  It reauthorizes and expands the Marine Debris Act and establishes the U.S. Coast Guard Blue Technology Center of Expertise.  IOSTIA contributed to the legislative process and participated in hearings pertaining to the USCG Center.   

McDuffee Joins IOSTIA as Director of Marketing
Today IOSTIA announces that veteran industry executive, MJ McDuffee will be joining staff and serve as the Director of Marketing.   McDuffee will oversee membership marketing, sponsorship, and sales activities.  Read More >

Join IOSTIA for our U.S. Coast Guard Technology Day

IOSTIA is bringing the technology to the Coast Guard!  November 28, 2018 we will hold the first of our private technology exhibitions for the military and federal agencies.  This free event is open to members in good standing and offers a near one-on-one opportunity to engage in key USCG decision makers to discuss your technology solutions and hear directly from them on their current and future technology acquisition needs.  Join today and participate in this unique opportunity!

Reps Garamendi and Hunter introduce H.R. 6206 - To direct the Commandant of the Coast Guard to establish a Blue Technology center of expertise, and for other purposes.  Follow the bill

IOSTIA - The global voice for blue-tech companies

While the offshore energy industry is strongly supported, there has been a long-recognized need for a unified voice representing the other ocean science and technology industry sectors. That voice is the International Ocean Science and Technology Industry Association.

Who are we?
IOSTIA is a 501(c)(6) industry association representing businesses who provide technology and services for sectors that include:
Autonomous Vehicles
Offshore Wind Energy
Marine Renewables
Seabed Mining
Coastal Impacts
Aquaculture and Fisheries
Arctic Change
Maritime Security
Environmental Monitoring
Marine Spatial Planning
Subsea Defense
Marine Archaeology
Ocean Observations
Hydrographic Services
Ports and Infrastructure
Diving and Manned Exploration

The IOSTIA Mission Statement

The International Ocean Science & Technology Industry Association (IOSTIA) shall provide programs and services that create new opportunities and encourage a favorable business environment for ocean science and technology companies who explore and sustainably utilize the earth’s oceans.

The IOSTIA Vision Statement
IOSTIA will strive to become the preeminent industry-association voice for the non-energy related ocean science and technology business sectors. IOSTIA will accomplish this by offering members a focused government relations program and by developing programs that create economic value and business opportunities.

Who can join?
Any business operating in, developing technology for, or providing services utilized in and on the earth’s oceans.

What are the benefits of membership?
IOSTIA members benefit from our distinctive business-to-government programs and efforts represent the industry by advocating for positive legislative and regulatory outcomes.  IOSTIA's government affairs program works to create a beneficial regulatory and business environment.  Member programs also support business development, technology funding and networking programs that benefit your bottom line As a member you can have a role in crafting IOSTIA strategy and policy positions by participating in our leadership committees. IOSTIA works to develop and maintain a broad portfolio of industry partnerships from which your company can realize substantial value.

How do I get started?
To join IOSTIA today, please complete the membership application.  Check out all the business-focused membership benefits here.

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