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    IOSTIA is the only industry association headquartered in Washington, DC serving the ocean science and technology industry sectors.  IOSTIA is advances the business of ocean technology and serves as blue tech's industry voice!


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IOSTIA - The global voice for blue-tech companies

While the offshore energy industry is strongly supported, there has been a long-recognized need for a unified voice representing the other ocean science and technology industry sectors. That voice is the International Ocean Science and Technology Industry Association.
The IOSTIA Mission Statement
The International Ocean Science & Technology Industry Association (IOSTIA) shall provide programs and services that create new opportunities and encourage a favorable business environment for ocean science and technology companies who explore and sustainably utilize the earth’s oceans.

The IOSTIA Vision Statement
IOSTIA will strive to become the preeminent industry-association voice for the non-energy related ocean science and technology business sectors. IOSTIA will accomplish this by offering members a focused 

About Us

The International Ocean Science & Technology Industry Association (IOSTIA) was founded in 2017 as a 501(c)(6) trade association to provide a voice for companies involved in the various ocean science and technology business sectors primarily outside of the oil and gas industry. 
At its core, the mission of IOSTIA is to:
  • Provide programs and services focused on advancing the business needs and opportunities of companies in the ocean science and technology industry
  • Maintain a strong lobbying presence in Washington by being the advocate for IOSTIA members before Congress and the Executive Branch. Through our lobbying activities we:
    • Influence industry-related policy decisions
    • Assist with government business development
    • Build brand equity with elected officials, policy leaders and decision makers
    • Facilitate member access to regulatory and legislative processes
  • Work in concert with the Department of Commerce and Department of State and other key agencies to address international trade issues affecting the sale and utilization of ocean technologies
  • Promote the blue economy and its broad and meaningful impact on the US economy and internationally.
  • Cultivate industry relationships that create and advance business opportunities for IOSTIA members
  • Help member companies expand internationally through IOSTIA programs.


IOSTIA and SMI Marine Science and Technology Group Announce Strategic Alliance

IOSTIA and SMI MSTG sign MOU and agree on a strategic alliance framework for collaboration and to enhance opportunities for members of both organizations.  Read more...

IOSTIA Announces Due Restructuring

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic's effects on the ocean science and technology industry, IOSTIA restructures dues in several levels of membership to make accessing member programs more affordable.  Read more...

IOSTIA Advisory on Omnibus CARES Act (COVID-19 Relief)

IOSTIA has created summary of the massive Omnibus CARES Act and what benefits it might provide businesses in our industry.  Read more....

IOSTIA Announces co-located BlueTech Expo and Capitol Hill Ocean Week (CHOW)

IOSTIA announces that an agreement to co-locate BlueTech Expo with Capitol Hill Ocean Week has been reached for 2020.  The side-by-side events will allow all attendees to take in everything CHOW and BTE have to offer...Read More>

IOSTIA Annouces New Career Center

IOSTIA announces the IOSTIA Career Center connecting industry professionals across all disciplines and career stages with companies seeking talented and experienced employees.....Read More>

McDuffee Joins IOSTIA

MJ McDuffee, a veteran business development professional will be joining IOSTIA to provide sales and marketing support for this growing blue technology industry association....Read More>

IOSTIA Announces Founding Members

IOSTIA announces its ‘founding members’ that will help chart the course of the new marine technology industry association....Read More>

IOSTIA Announes New Membership Category

In response to a high-level of interest and the association’s commitment to encouraging a robust and inclusive business-focused community, IOSTIA is pleased to announce the availability of a special new class of membership for individuals called “Industry Professional”....Read More>

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