Committees & Forums


Executive Council
The Executive Council is comprised of our members who are charged with charting the direction of IOSTIA. The members are the fiduciaries who steer the organization towards a sustainable future by rafting the organization's strategic plan, adopting sound, ethical, and legal governance and financial management policies, as well as by making sure IOSTIA has adequate resources to advance its mission.

Government Relations and Policy Committee
Our members are integral in the development of IOSTIA's advocacy efforts, and this takes shape in the form of Government Relations and Policy Committee. Through this committee, our members have a seat at the table to effectively influence our policy development and public outreach.The Government Relations and Policy Committee also works to ensure that there is adequate and appropriate monitoring, lobbying and oversight on federal and state legislation and issues that could affect IOSTIA and our members. Separately, the committee makes recommendations to the board of directors regarding any government activities that could affect the industry.

Membership Committee
The Membership Committee works to actively recruit new members, to review and approve applications, and to make recommendations to the board of directors concerning new member applications. To encourage member participation in association committees and activities. To determine if membership needs are being met and to recommend measures or services that will better meet the changing needs of members.
IOSTIA members can engage in special interest areas called Forums. These groups create opportunities to network and conduct meaningful conversations with fellow members that advance focused areas of their field and create new business opportunities. IOSTIA is considering a variety of Forums, but can also create any number of them based on membership interest.  Forums currently under consideration include:

  • CEO Forum:  The CEO Forum exists to support and enable CEO and senior executives of IOSTIA member companies explore and improve areas within the industry that are shared across member companies.  The forum gives the executives a platform to discuss issues of mutual interest and to develop recommendations for companies within the industry and government organizations.
  • Small Business & Emerging Technologies Forum:  The Small Business Forum provides an opportunity for our members to learn from each other, network and ultimately grow their businesses by building relationships within the industry.  The forum also provides members an opportunity to discuss issues that impact small businesses as they increase their footprint within the blue economy.
  • International Business Forum:  The International Business Forum gives our US and International members the opportunity to discuss issues of mutual interest and to develop recommendations to both industry and governments for actions to enhance the trade, investment and people-to-people ties that are driving our industry.  The blue economy crosses borders and oceans and this forum provides a platform from which members can expand.
  • Venture Capital Forum:  The Venture Capital Forum provides an opportunity for members who are seeking assistance and funding for their companies to network with other members sharing these needs.  This Forum works closely with staff to create and vet programs and services designed specifically to inform and attract the interest of angel and other VC investors to the marine technology industry.
  • Grants and Contracting Forum:  The Grants and Contracting Forum is designed to assist members with specific interest in applying for grants and government contracts.  Networking, webinars and best practices are just a few of the benefits of participating in this forum.
  • Young Professionals Forum:  The Young Professionals Forum provides a networking opportunity for young professionals working for IOSTIA member companies.  In addition to networking, programs to help young professionals find mentors, develop professional skills such as resume writing, access best practices for interviewing and to develop their public speaking are being considered.

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