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Marine Technology News covers IOSTIA Launch:

New Industry Association IOSTIA Launched:  

A newly created industry association has set out to provide programs, services and a unified voice on Capitol Hill and in the regulatory agencies to companies that sustainably and commercially utilize the oceans.

ROV Planet magazine covers IOSTIA launch on

New industry association IOSTIA to represent companies that explore, and commercially and sustainably utilize the Earth’s oceans.  Filling a needed niche in the oceans science and technology space, a new international industry association launched today to provide programs, services, and a unified voice on Capitol Hill and in the regulatory agencies....  [read more]

Sea Technology Magazine covers IOSTIA launch in The ST Blog: 

New Ocean Technology Group Promises a Fresh Voice on Capitol Hill

The International Ocean Science and Technology Industry Association (IOSTIA) officially launched Wednesday, Sept. 6, 2017. Located in Washington, D.C., IOSTIA is geared toward providing a trade organization for marine companies who don’t fit into existing associations, which are often geared toward offshore oil and gas industries. [read more]